Taking Care of Fall Mums

Nothing quite says autumn gardening like potted mums. Learn how to make these colourful fall favourites last all season long.

Annuals or Perennials?

One of the most common questions we receive is, “Are mums (chrysanthemum) a perennial or annual?”

The potted mums in garden centres during late summer to autumn should be treated as annuals. If you receive a plant as a gift you can keep it outside, however, they won’t survive winter.

If you plan on keeping them inside, place in a sunny window away from drafts.

Water when the top three inches of the soil are dry. Let the water drain thoroughly to prevent any root damage.

Like other annuals, mums benefit from deadheading to encourage new blooms.

Quick tip: mums love full sun—the more sun, the better for these beauties!

If you’re looking for perennials that resemble these fall favourites consider looking planting leucanthemum, gaillardia, or rudbeckia.

Buying & Design Tips

For longer lasting blooms, choose mums that have more buds than open flowers.

Avoid buying plants that are damaged or wilted – you want to bring home the healthiest one possible.

Gently break up the soil and roots before planting in fresh soil if you notice the roots are restricted.

Thanks to the rounded growth habit and vibrant flower colour, mums can be incorporated into any garden style.

Choose one to two colours to work within your design.
Ornamental grasses, kale, and peppers pair perfectly in beds and containers.

If you’re looking for other cool-loving annuals, try adding asters, celosia, and coleus. Ivy adds a lovely cascading effect.


By: Kayla-Jane Barrie