Green Initiatives at Sheridan Nurseries

We pride ourselves on being stewards of our land. As a team, Sheridan Nurseries staff worked together to design the corporate Environmental Plan.

Our intent is to make positive changes at our offices, farms and garden centres as part of a long-term commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Sheridan has been voted one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for three years in a row. We were awarded Canadian Grower of the Year two years in a row and International Grower of the Year two years in a row. As well, we’ve been recognized by the Credit Valley Conservation Authority for our water conservation initiatives.

Water and Energy Conservation

We need water and energy to run our business. At its basic level, by following the advice we give to you, such as installing rain barrels and using drip irrigation, we apply it on a commercial scale to achieve our goals of water and energy conservation. Here’s a bit more on what we do to accomplish our green initiative goals:

  • Coco-fibre discs are added to every container-grown plant produced at our farms to reduce moisture loss by up to 30%
  • Where possible drip irrigation has replaced sprinklers & broadcast watering, reducing water consumption by up to 80%
  • We constructed of a 100,000 gallon (378,000 litres) cistern to capture rainwater from our production greenhouses
  • Minimize use of electrical devices in off hours (lighting and office equipment)
  • Grow plants that require less water (xeriscaping projects)

Award Winning Water Recapture System

At our Glen Williams farm, we constructed one of Canada’s first bio-ponds to capture and clean run-off and rainwater. This has reduced our consumption from the Credit River by a huge 25,000,000 gallons per year (25%).

Sheridan Nurseries green initiatives include a bio-pond.

Our system is a fully functional bio-pond, which captures rainwater and over-spray runoff from our farms. It filters the water through a series of settling ponds and water plants making it a self-sufficient source of irrigation water.

This system will recycle a minimum of 278,000 and up to 720,000 gallons of water each day through the summer months.

The primary reason for this project was to provide a backup water source for irrigation if we were to experience severe drought conditions. Our pond holds 32 million gallons, is over 30 feet deep and covers 3.5 acres.

The collection and recycling area is another six acres. It is incredible to see silt-laden water enter the fore-bay and almost clear water spill out into the pond without any chemical treatment.

Buying Local

For farm, garden centre and office operations, we want to decrease fuel consumption to minimize effects to the environment. This entails researching new fuel sources like bio-fuels, different growing systems, and identifying plants that grow efficiently with less energy.

Over 50% of the plants sold at our garden centres are grown on our own farms. We can see the direct benefits of buying locally vs buying from growers in other parts of the country or from the U.S.

Did You Know?

At all of our garden centres, you can return plastic pots and trays (free of debris and dirt) for recycling.

Our trunk liners and shopping bags are made with biodegradable plastic.

We offer a Growing Up Green program, which has been created to encourage families to work together to raise funds for their childrens school.

There is much more we can do, and together we will reach our goals. We invite everyone to consider their personal carbon footprint.

Even the smallest change we make can have a significant impact on the environment.




By: Kayla-Jane Barrie