Creating a Fragrance Garden

'Fragrance Garden' is the latest addition to our SGC perennials. Learn all about the new collection.

Combine the sweet scents of summer by planting flowering plants and watch as a fragrant, tropical garden blossoms before your eyes. We have a new collection that is full of beautiful blooms and fragrance you and your garden will adore.

Purple Gas Plant

Purple Gas Plant

This perennial is for those shade gardens that you want to add a touch of colour and fragrance to.

Pinkish blooms with dark purple veins create lovely height in areas of that need a bit more loftiness – they can grow up to 90cm tall and 60cm across.

Fragrant Angel Prairie Pillars™ Coneflower

Our new Sheridan Garden Classics collection would not be complete without a coneflower.

Large, fragrant flowers layered with overlapping horizontal white petals and yellow cones.

Branched stems extend the blooming season through summer and fall. Plant in an area that receives six or more hours of sun.


Fashionably Early Princess Garden Phlox

This variety of phlox blooms fashionably early once spring rolls around. It can grow to be up to 75cm, therefore we suggest planting in the middle of garden beds or containers in a sunny location.

This phlox has a striking cloud of violet-pink flowers with deep pink eyes.

Ambrosia Anise-Hyssop

Hyssop is widely known as a pollinator friendly plant. This variety has flowers that change constantly from creamy coconut, to pale orange and light pink.

Low, tight mounds of this charming perennial make a lovely addition in mass plantings where there is sun.

Big Time Blue Lavender

Abundant, deep blue flowers will fill your garden with the sweet scent of lavender from early summer into fall.

The size of the flowers are noticeably larger compared to other varieties of lavender and rich with nectar (butterflies and bees will love it!).

Blue Lagoon Catmint

This variety of catmint is low spreading and looks perfect along pathways or spilling over containers.

A sea of blue flowers blooms in any full-sun location. This drought tolerant perennial is also lemon-scented.

Kahori® Hardy Border Pinks

Vibrant pink blooms form on top of grassy, green foliage and last all summer long.

This plant is well suited for hot and sunny locations and is a great choice for planting in rock gardens. This plant is sure to add some sweet scents to your garden; “kaori” means fragrance in Japanese.

Fragrant Dream Hosta

Dark green leaves edged with a narrow yellow margin that fades to white during summer. Fragrant white flowers appear late summer.

Fragrant Returns Daylily

Large, fragrant, yellow-lemon blooms rise above a mound of foliage. The showy colour lasts from June until frost, making it a great addition in borders and in mass plantings. Daylilies are exceptional in areas that have poor, dry soil and are drought-tolerant once established.

‘Gay Paree’ Peony

Late flowering Japanese/anemone-shaped blooms have bold rosy-pink outer petals around a tufted creamy-white canter. For optimal blooms, plant in an area with full-sun to partial shade.

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By: Kayla-Jane Barrie