6 Spring Blooming Perennials

Wake up the garden with our top six spring flowering perennials.

On the hunt for plants that will add curb appeal while the rest of your garden is waking up? This blog post will help you find a new early blooming favourite for your outdoor space.

As soon as the ground thaws, you can start planting. Make sure you water new perennials at the soil level two to three times a week as they get established.

Always adjust your watering to natural rainfall and drought conditions. Add a dose of Parkwood® Transplanter 5-15-5 to minimize transplant shock and help establish healthy roots.


This perennial adds colour and texture to gardens in late winter to early spring; sometimes they flower when snow is still on the ground! Great woodland gardens, rock gardens, and naturalizing.

Also known as Lenten rose, these flowering perennials are a welcome sight as their foliage and blooms poke up through the snow.

Flowers are available in various shades of deep purple, burgundy, green or white; double blooms are also an option.  Hellebores should be planted in an area that is in part to full shade and in an area where the soil doesn’t dry out.

Bleeding Heart

A long-time favourite flowering perennial for cottage gardens and beds, bleeding hearts can grow in full to part shade areas.

Romantic, cascading heart-shaped blooms are available in pink, red, and white and will flower during early to mid-spring. It’s deer resistant and makes a stylish cut flower.


Did you know peonies are drought tolerant once established, deer resistant, and low maintenance? Peonies can bloom in a range of colours including white, magenta, pastel pink and even yellow.

They also come in single or double blooms. Most importantly, peonies are planted for their fragrance which can be sweet, rose-like, or lemon depending on the variety.

Peony - Bowl of Beauty
‘Bowl of Beauty’

Peonies prefer soil that has a neutral pH is organically rich in nutrients and drains well. To get the best blooms, plant in an area that gets partial to full sun.

Two lavishly white Trillium wildflowers growing on a forest floorTrillium

This low growing flowering perennial is native to Ontario – and famously known as the flower of the province.

Often found in forests, trilliums grow in shady areas and understories of trees.

Ideal for naturalizing and planting in woodland style gardens. Crisp white blooms will appear in early spring.

Fact: There are five native trillium species found in Ontario.



Commonly known as lugwart, this spring blooming perennial prefers an area with part to full shade and moist soil.

Flowers will appear in bright hues of pinks, blue-purple and white depending on the variety. The speckled white and green foliage is a notable aspect of this plant.

Creeping Phlox

Often seen in rock gardens as or a ground cover, creeping phlox displays a sensational show of vibrant blooms that is densely compacted together in spring. Plant in an area that receives full sun for best blooms.

Creeping phlox is adaptable to clay soil, but performs best in well-drained areas. After flowering, sheer the foliage back to encourage dense foliage for summer.

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By: Kayla-Jane Barrie